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Lightning Media offers a wide range of both professional and amateur video camera hire kits for both seasoned professionals and newbie enthusiasts. We take care of all levels of production as well as purpose, thus, our cameras for hire selection is diverse.

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Video Camera Hire for all outputs

Lightningmedia provides a huge assortment of camera from the basic GoPro Camera for lock-off shots to fully fledged 4K professional cameras, video cameras with fixed or similar lenses. Our camera hire choices can support all the encoding codes such as Blackmagic, AVCHD H.264, Mpeg 2, XVVC S and ProRes etc.

We also offer excellent lighting equipment, a vast variety of video cameras, camera kits, tripods, digital cameras and lenses, and scanners. See our full range of gear.

Our camera hire and video camera hire services are top notch for all of our clients, this include amateur and professional videographers, directors, movie studios, students, and more. We have a great range of the most popular Video Camera’s available at all price ranges.

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Want to try before you hire? Talk to our specialists for help. We will make it happen!

Whether you are a newbie or an expert, Lightning Media is here to help with all your video camera hire needs.

Quality Camera Hire Guaranteed

We inspect and carefully pack all our camera hire kits and video camera hire equipment before shipping (or ready for you to collect). We guarantee that it will arrive to you in perfect condition.

Click through our range (above) of video camera hire and camera hire to see all the cameras and video cameras for hire on offer.