Hire Kino Flo Lighting Range at Lightning  Media

Lighting is an integral component for every production to be successful. Kino Flo has outstanding fluorescent lighting systems designed for motion picture, commercial and TV production. These adaptable fixtures make it a leader in creative lighting solutions. Kino Flo lighting systems are lightweight for documentary field work, EFP and ENG.


  • A slim profile that makes them perfect for shooting in hallways or cramped quarters.
  • Minimal amperage draw.
  • While on location, the lamps get to full color temperature within minutes.
  • When done, you do not require cool down period.
  • Lamps can stay in the fixture for easy transport.

Kino Flo Lighting

If you are looking for soft sources, nothing beats Kino Flo fixtures. They are properly color balanced and use minimal energy when compared with other lights. Our Kino Flo fixture package comes with reflector, head cable, wiring, tubes, egg-crate and electronic ballast.

Large inventory

If you are wondering what lighting rental to use to light up your next shoot, hire Kino Flo. You will be glad you did. We have various Kino Flo lights such as Kino Flo 4ft 2 Bank, Kino Flo 4ft 4 Bank, Kino Flo Barfly 200, Kino Flo 4ft x 1 Bank and Kino Flo Mini Flow Car Light Kit. Our lighting packages expand through the years to meet the recurring demands of majority of commercials, photo shoots and video productions. Hire Kino Flo from us and produce the best quality images for any occasion you have.