ARRI T2 2kW Tungsten Fresnel

Arri’s “True Blue” technology updates the already popular 2kW fresnel with improved heat dissipation

ARRI T1 1kW Tungsten


ARRI 750W Tungsten

ARRI 750W Tungsten Open Face

ARRI 2kW Tungsten Open Face

With excellent, even light distribution and highly efficient output, the open face 2K, or Arri Blond

ARRI T5 5kW Tungsten Fresnel

Great for night shoots or lighting everything in one fell swoop

ARRI 800W Tungsten Open Face

With an incredible beam range and lightweight build, it’s easy to see why the Arri Redhead has bec

ARRI 150 Junior Fresnel

Designed for use in small space, the Arri junior 150 Fresnel is small in size. However, the size doe

ARRI 650 Plus

Fresnel 650w Tungsten

ARRI 300W Tungsten Fresnel

A useful light for studio interviews and highlights on macro set-ups

ETC Source 4 750W Zoom 25-50°

The built-in blades give excellent light control, allowing you to create dramatic slashes of light f

Dedolight 150W 3-Head Kit

Each light features a sliding dimmer for accurate spot control

Kino Flo 4ft 4-Bank Kit

The 4' 4Bank Fixture from Kino Flo is a 4-lamp fluorescent light that outputs the equivalent of a 1

Kino Flo 2ft 4-Bank Kit

The 2ft 4Bank Kit is a 4-lamp fluorescent light that outputs the equivalent of a 500W soft light whi

24" Molebeam Projector 10kw

Safety Glass:24" dia. flat, clear Pyrex.Reflector:24 ¾” dia. highly reflective parab