Gaffer or Italian Clamp

Adjustable gaffer clamp / Spring loaded for ease usage.

K-Clamp with 16mm Spigot

Do you need something clamped? Do you need something held tight? Do you need a magic arm rigged? Yo

Stage Weight

A 12.5kg cast-iron stage weight with a built in carry handle. These are stackable and have a multitu

Big Ben Clamp

Big Ben with 26mm spigot for making scaffold goalposts when used with lighting stands. Great for cr

16mm Spigot

A connecting spigot allowing smaller lighting fixtures to work with a variety of clamps.

Baby Wall Plate

Baby plate featuring a 16mm spigot.Can be weighed down for extremely low lighting fixtures or scre

Scaffolding Tube (Various Lengths)

Please check length when ordering

Manfrotto 013 1/4″ to 3/8″ Adapter Spigot

013 1/4″ to 3/8″ Adapter Spigot

Super Wind Up Stand

A heavy duty wind-up lighting stand with an 80kg payload capacity

Avenger Long John Silver Stand

570cm/224.4in w/FF

Triple Riser Combo Stand

Transportable heavy duty stand with dual spigot pin & receiver for use with any lamp.

Poly Holder 2″

Cowbell for use with 2″ poly board.

8″ G-Clamp w/ 2 x Baby Pins

Steel clamp with 2 x 16mm (baby) pins. The pins are positioned to enable mounting light fixtures in

ARTEM Exterior Smoke Machine

Portable, high output smoke generator for exterior use

DF-50 Diffusion Hazer

Atmospheric affects without the drama of traditional fog machines

Flags & Floppies

We Stock full range of Flags and Floppies. We have both flags and floppies in 4′ and 3′ square

Lighting Textiles

8x8 12x12 20x20 textiles in every day materials.


Available as singles or doubles, like lighting instrument scrims


Squarebounce, reversible, collapsible reflectors for all your needs We carry a great range of refle

Combo Stand Double Riser

Combo Stand 35 Silver 350cm/138in Steel Double Riser

Cardellini Clamp Small 2″ End Jaw

Versatile clamp with 5/8" (baby) spigot.

Avenger Modular Frame 20×20

A modular, collapsible frame ideal for use with our latest selection of 20’x20′ textiles and lightin

Jumbo Knuckle

Also known as a Monster Knuckle.

Manfrotto Mega Boom

Heavy-duty boom arm which will hold a payload of up to 6kg at maximum reach.

Avenger C1000 Scissor Clamp

Perfect for rigging lightweight lamps from artificial ceilings. Helps brighten up dull offices in a

Matthews Junior Offset Arm

A useful grip accessory for precise positioning of a lighting fixture away from the stand. Also know

Cardellini Clamp Large 6″ End Jaw

End jaw type 6″ Cardellini clamp. These are also known as Matthellini Clamps and provide immeasurabl

Magic Arm with K-Clamps

Fully articulated arm with 16mm spigots. Great used with super clamps as a quick, solid and maneuver

Matthews Junior Triple Header

Enables three lighting fixtures to be rigged from a single lighting stand. Particularly useful where

Avenger D650 Junior Boom Arm

Compact boom which extends up to 3m and will support a 10kg payload.


Various Sizes in Stock. Please check with us.

Arri Scrim 4 set arri 1000

Arri Scrim 4 set arri 1000

Avenger Modular Frame 8×8|12×12

A modular, collapsible frame ideal for use with our wide selection of 12’x12′ textiles and lighting

Avenger Modular Frame 6×6

Lightweight frame for use with 6x6 textiles and butterflies.


Safety equipment used to ballast lighting stands and counterweight booms and jibs.

Avenger Strato Safe 4 Riser Stand

Extra heavy duty lighting stand which rises up to over 6 meters and will support a 70kg payload

Double Wind Up Stand

Two-section, heavy duty wind up stand. Extends to just over 12′ | 3.83m to give you that extra bit o

Avenger High Roller Stand

Rolling stands with monster knuckle attachments perfect for use alongside our modular Avenger frame

Low Boy Combo Stand

Compact and heavy-duty, low boys are perfect for low angle, high-intensity light. Also very useful

40″ C-Stand with Arm & Knuckle

The industry standard 40″ ARRI/Avenger C-Stand supplied with a flag arm & knuckle as standard.Spea

Scaffold Joiner

For joining two sections of scaffolding tube together