Free Delivery & Transit Charge

As part of our service, Lightning Media offers a complimentary and untimed delivery and collection service. We realise that often you’ll need your equipment urgently, as time is tight, so we offer this service on all orders confirmed 24 hours before delivery within a 10 mile radius of Lightning Media in London.

The cost of our delivery service is dependent on your distance, and we can usually work this out from your postcode.  Please feel free to contact us for an estimate of your Transit Charge.

Airport Deliveries

  • Delivery/Collection AIRPORT 8AM-6PM: £135.00
  • Delivery/Collection AIRPORT 6AM-8AM: £175.00
  • Delivery/Collection AIRPORT AFTER 6PM: £175.00
  • Delivery/Collection AIRPORT WEEKEND: £175.00*
    • * 6am-8pm
    • * Min £50 out of hours delivery charge
  • Transport outside London £1.00 per mile (calculated on the return mileage – min £55)
    • Please note that a waiting charge of £50 per hour will apply if drivers are kept waiting on delivery or collection.
    • Overnight/National and International service: We use a selection of courier companies to provide the best service for the relevant order. Cost is calculated by weight and service, please contact us for quote.

Congestion Charge & Toll Roads

Are delivery charges are NOT inclusive of the Congestion Charge and/or paid toll roads that need to be accessed to complete a delivery.  Any tolls (inc. the congestion charge) will be charged in addition to our usual fee.